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Ventmeca | Ventilateurs Industriels - Industrial Fans

Special Features

Abrasion Resistance Fans

Abrasion Resistance Fans

Ventmeca can manufacture fans with abrasion resistant materials or with wear liners.

  • Partial impeller liners
  • Full impeller liners
  • Liners on the fan housing and dampers
  • AR steel, chromium carbide, tungsten carbine
  • Specialty coatings
Noise Control

Noise Control

Ambient radiated and in duct noise levels are critical parameters of industrial fans. Ventmeca provides detailed noise data for each octave band, which is used to size the proper noise control equipment:

  • silencers
  • rockwool insulation and cladding
  • noise blankets
  • enclosures
  • etc…
Corrosion Resistant Fans

Corrosion Resistant Fans

Ventmeca can use a variety of speciality materials to fit your corrosive environment:

  • SS304L
  • SS316L
  • SS2205
  • AL-6XN
  • Inconel 625
  • Hastelloy C-276
High Temperature Fans

High Temperature Fans

Ventmeca has an extensive experience with high temperature gas. Ventmeca high temperature fans include features such as turning gears, specialty materials, zero leakage seals, etc.

Gastight Fans

Ventmeca’s gastight fans include features such as pressurised zero leakage shaft seals and machined housing to accommodate special gasketing and bolting interfaces.

Self cleaning

Cleaning devices are required in applications where dust buildup and clogging are problematic. Ventmeca can provide water or air nozzles, installed inside the fan, to clean the rotor or housing while the fan is in operation.